'After' series #1

Jury Selected Nudes (contains the human form sans clothes)

. . .is an artist whose work receives accolades from juries, publishers, and galleries around the country.

Even during her first photography class almost twenty years ago, the human form was part of her portfolio.  Justine, the founder of this artistic endeavor titled Zaftig Ribaldry, appreciates art, not only for visual pleasure, but also as part of learning and communication.

Her positive process of improvement of body image, self worth, and sexuality drew others to ask Justine to assist them in their personal journeys.  The honor to create art as part of self awareness and greater self acceptance keeps driving Justine to varying ways to explore the connection between vulnerability and beauty as well as sensuality  and sexuality.  Each photo shoot is a personal expression of the one in front of camera; Justine is there to capture moments, not inorganically create them.  What you see, what you feel — comes from an authentic moment, captured in natural light, with little no post-processing.

Nudes, erotica, abstracts, — Justine‚Äôs signature through her photographic imagery is to evoke a re-thinking about context and beauty.  One of her goals is to remind her audience there is sexiness in the casual, ordinary in nudity, and how both make the human form extraordinary.  Many of these images capture the first time in front of a camera for most of her models, sometimes the models are meeting for the first time too.  Justine believes the sense of exploration, newness, and comfort are felt in her final pieces.